Frequently Asked Questions

The fee is $120. In the event that a client has financial circumstances that would preclude receiving my services at this amount we would discuss a lower rate, less frequent sessions, or a payment plan and arrive at a sliding fee scale to suit both our needs.
I am considered an out-of-network provider with a license in counseling, an LPC. Please find the answers to these questions before scheduling our first appointment:

1. How much does my insurance reimburse for mental health services (per visit)
from an out-of-network provider who has an LPC?
2. What is my mental health deductable?
3. How many therapy sessions does my plan cover?

I will provide you with a complete invoice, including a diagnosis (necessary when using insurance), treatment code and dates of service. You can submit the invoices to your insurance company and receive reimbursement accordingly. I still require the fee for service at the time of each appointment.

I accept cash or check, payable to Marcy Brenner.

Imagine how you might feel if your employer said he/she could not pay you the contracted salary in any given week. My income is generated solely by the fee for the services I provide. We create a “contract” each time we schedule an appointment. I charge full fee for missed appointments if not given 24 hour notice. There are exceptions to any policy and I am willing to waive a fee for emergencies. I would be open to discussing this matter if the need arises.

Expect to come to therapy with some nervous energy inside. It feels scary to meet a stranger, tell them personal information, and possibly show strong emotions and vulnerability. It takes courage to come face to face with feelings,memories and beliefs that are uncomfortable and may require you to make some changes in order to feel better. At the end of the first session most clients speak of feeling relief or ‘lighter’ after feeling seen and heard in this non-judgemental and safe environment.

“when you share your darkest secrets and mistakes with another person who listens without judgement,it is like shining a light in the darkness.”
Dr. Daniel Ornish

We will discuss what you are noticing in your daily functioning that may be causing you concern. How long have you noticed particular limiting patterns or habits? What needs to change in order for you to feel more alive and whole? What long held beliefs do you carry that are no longer useful?

How do you see therapy being helpful? What has helped in the past? Also a look into your family history, caregivers, any traumas, major losses, medications, and more will be assessed in the first several sessions.

Based on your sharing of concerns and history, together we will discuss treatment options that best fit your needs. I often give reading assignments, journaling options, and/or some form of “home practice” throughout this process.

Our work together will include a continual check on your progress to determine the frequency of sessions and ongoing discussions of new or changing concerns or needs.

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end is also the beginning
Ivy Baker Priest
The other side of every fear is a freedom.
Marelyn Ferguson
Let go or be dragged
Zen Proverb
Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken
Oscar Wilde
If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything
Mark Twain
There is Nothing Wrong with You
Cheri Huber
Life shrinks or expands based on one’s courage
Anais Nin
Resentment is like taking poison in hopes that your enemy will die
Sandi Bachom