Specialties and Approaches



Therapeutic Specialties

Relationship Mending and Building – communication, trust, intimacy, decision-making, parenting conflicts, infidelity

Depression – What are you depressing? What beliefs and old habits are keeping you stuck?

Anxiety Reduction – poor concentration, racing thoughts, generalized worry, catastrophizing

Grief and Loss Processing

Spiritual Questioning

Addiction Recovery Support and Management

Perfectionism – always striving for better ( prettier, smarter, top of class, job, money, fame) and never feeling good enough.

Anger Exploration


Client Population

Adults/Individuals (18~100)

Couples – heterosexual, LGBT&Q, married, living together, separated

Families – all combinations…mother/daughter/son, siblings, father/son/daughter


Therapeutic Approaches

Emotional Focused Therapy-ongoing training

Imago Therapy – advanced certification

Guided Meditation and Mindfulness Based Exercises

EMDR – advanced certification

Hakomi – training

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

EFT – ”tapping”

Buddhist Psychology



Supervision for LPC licensure

Collage Circle Group-Visual Journaling-ask me for details

Zazen meditation in the Soto Zen tradition-Every other Monday evening….more information to be discussed in person.

The world is round and the place which may seem like the end is also the beginning
Ivy Baker Priest
The other side of every fear is a freedom.
Marelyn Ferguson
Let go or be dragged
Zen Proverb
Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken
Oscar Wilde
If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything
Mark Twain
There is Nothing Wrong with You
Cheri Huber
Life shrinks or expands based on one’s courage
Anais Nin
Resentment is like taking poison in hopes that your enemy will die
Sandi Bachom